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Let’s Open Up About Addiction and Recovery

Nov 06 2017

San Anselmo, Calif. — Fay Zenoff recently met a friend for dinner at a sushi restaurant in Sausalito, Calif. After they were…

Beit T’Shuvah’s Spring Magazine, The Grit Issue

Jul 12 2017

  Beit T’Shuvah’s Spring Magazine, The Grit Issue, celebrates 30 years of life saving work.  We hope you enjoy reading what we’ve…

The epidemic nobody saw: The opioid crisis in America

Jun 20 2017

This article originally appeared on   By Dr. Louise Stanger, Ed.D, LCSW CIP A tidal wave of loss Like a tidal…

Surgeon General Report: ‘Addiction Is Not a Character Flaw’

Nov 19 2016

By carla k. johnson, ap medical writer In what may be his last significant act as President Barack Obama’s surgeon general, Dr.…

Medicine was supposed to help us, fix us, make us feel all better.

Jun 06 2016

Since 2000, drug overdose deaths have tripled and, the drugs involved are increasingly, prescribed by doctors. Most of these deaths then result from prescription opioid medications. The top three? Hydrocodone, OxyContin and Percocet.

Addiction: Coming Out of the Shadows

Jan 11 2016

by SUE PASCOE, via PALISADES NEWS Two Palisadians who came out of the shadow of addiction have now dedicated their lives to helping others. For their…

The End Was My Beginning

Oct 29 2015

I’ve lived my entire life dying; never knowing my purpose, who I was, or what I meant to the world. My story…

Recovering substance abusers brave stigma by giving up secrecy

Oct 06 2015

For decades, anonymity has been a bedrock principle of Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups that help people recover from substance abuse. They…

The Opioid Addiction Media Project

Aug 26 2015

Last year over 16,000 people died from opioid overdoses and more than 8,000 from heroin overdose. This plague infects every part of…

Ripples in the Pond

Aug 17 2015

For the first 36 years of my life I was pretty much running amok.  Without a plan for life, I was self-will…